Grand Canyon-odds and ends

T. Roosevelt perhaps our first environmentalist protected the Grand Canyon by making it a National Park.

The Kolb brothers were early promoters of the Grand Canyon using their photography to lure tourists.

Perhaps these views are what the Kolbs thought would bring the tourists.

Trails were built from remnants of old Puebloan and Hopi trails. These people inhabited the area for 10,000 years.

The tourists come, today mostly foreign, Germans, French, and Oriental being the most prevalent, but the Elk still rule.

Some kings of the forest could not survive the vehicular traffic and are found displayed in a visitor center.

Observation towers were built in the Hopi design.

Everyone should be put through the Ranger program. They are extremely accommodating with no attitude and can answer any question about the treasures they are protecting.

Some Rangers can replicate weaving the reed figurines that the Puebloans created.

Some tourists prefer the lodge life.

Some like the camp life.

Some miss the train.

Others go through the arch for good luck in Vegas.

but whatever one chooses the forecast is good at the Grand Canyon.